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  • Page 11: Learn how to talk to your ideal prospects so they lean forward as you talk and think to themselves, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”
  • Page 17: Not all events are created equal! These 7 questions will help you determine where your ideal prospects hang out so you can maximize each and every opportunity.
  • Page 19: Simple, effective, strategies to harness the power of LinkedIn to make connections, build relationships, and attract ideal prospects who want, need, and are willing to buy what you offer.
  • Page 24: My secret formula that helps me generate $6,000-$8,000 in sales when speaking to groups of 40 and 1-3 new hot prospects when attending networking events WITHOUT pitch-slapping them!
  • Page 27: Stop leaving your business in the hands of your prospects or audience members! Instead of “hoping” that prospects will call you like they said they would (and never do), use this strategy instead!
  • Page 36: How can you create an email campaign that intentionally builds rapport, continues to give good information, and positions you as “the expert”? It’s easy when you follow my template! You’ll finally know EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY to “seed” your offer without your email being a blatant sales pitch that everyone hates!
  • Page 45: Stop “hoping” your happy clients, customers, or patients will refer you! Use this method to successfully encourage referrals and get them!
  • Page 47: I’ve opened my rolodex and share my most trusted resources. These are the tools, programs, and services I use to maintain and grow a successful coaching and speaking business.
You deserve success!
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
I'm an insurance agent  and wanted to get better results when I spoke to groups. I worked with Sue and implemented strategies from her proven process. 

Recently I spoke at a seminar and applied what I had learned from Sue. Here are my remarkable results:

*63% of potential prospects signed up for a free consultation

*Of those appts set, no one person has cancelled or been a no-show

*13% of the people purchased on the first appointment! 

This has never happened before in my career! I have a 2-appt process so this was a huge and unexpected surprise!

I would highly recommended working with Sue. She'll help you get better results when you speak and more sales following the speaking event. She knows her stuff!

 Bridget Dahle, Dahle Insurance Agency

Since working with Sue Henry, my business has flourished. 

In the first six weeks working with Sue, my closing rate after a speaking gig has increased from 2% to 30%. 

I expect it to raise to 50%. Sue has a wealth of knowledge, she gives me simple steps to help complete my talk. Sue is a task to completion coach. She keeps me moving on the process and then once that's done, on to the next thing. 

I highly recommend working with Sue- she'll increase your revenue. She increased mine. 

I purchased a new SUV. This was made possible because of the increased sales I've made following Sue's program.

Jill Holmes, Send Out Cards
I heard Sue speak at an event last year. She recommended using an interest form for events instead of doing a free drawing.
I have been using the form I created at all of my speaking engagements and events and now am getting qualified leads instead of just a bunch of business cards. Now I know who to follow up with and what they are interested in!

This has saved me a lot of time (in following up with people who weren't necessarily interested in my services) and has also led to increased sales of my services. It has been a game changer. 

Thanks so much, Sue, for making my speaking and event marketing so much more effective and profitable!!
Kim Julen
Finding Your Fiji LLC

Why You Need This No-Resistance Sales System:
People want what you offer...
You started your business because you had a dream in your heart and a desire to use your gifts to make a difference. You dreamed of having the lifestyle freedom to travel and do all the things you want... How's that working for you?

If you are like most business professionals, it's not. So stop doing more of what isn't working and consider something different. Your business,  your success, and your dreams are worth so much more than the price of shipping.
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